Welcome to The RAISE Lighthouse

Community of rescue mediums, supporting the release of stuck spirits & clearing up global energies.

Welcome to RAISE:

Inspiring, supporting and educating those who have been called, by the non-physical world, to step into their destiny life for the benefit of stuck spirits.

Hosted by siblings, Hannah and Christian (Chris) Velten, this safe community space aims to bring together those practising spirit release or who are being called to this work, so we can find a clear connection to Spirit, bring peace where there is chaos and move forwards together as a beacon to attract stuck spirits, support the newly-awakening and educate others about the afterlife of those not resting in peace.

Is RAISE for you? 

  • It might be you are feeling lost, or alone, or are grieving the ‘loss’ of a soulmate (even decades after their death). 
  • It might be you are curious about deepening a relationship with Spirit, or feel like you are being called into service, but unsure what you are supposed to be doing. 
  • You might have had some frightening experiences with spirits approaching you: you get the impression they are expecting you to be able to help. 
  • You probably have no-one to share your stories with; perhaps you’re the black sheep in your family. 
  • You will have had an ‘awakening’ of your intuitive abilities, or be re-visiting abilities you’ve previously shut down in childhood/early teens. 
  • You just know that the work you are currently doing isn’t fulfilling your true soul-self potential.

RAISE is a meeting point; a sacred and safe space where the physical world meets the non-physical.

Connect: Explore: Flourish: Rebirth

[If you would like to contact Hannah directly, please scroll down to the bottom of the page for details.]

The impact RAISE has had on members: 

"I had been following Hannah online via Instagram for a while, and her journey to find her missing brother Chris through her blog and videos. It was an emotional ride but I 'watched her' making headway and connections..... I watched her start to heal.
I experienced my own deep trauma and subsequent loss in 2019 and then in 2020 we went into lockdown. It was a stressful and isolating time and I had to resort to online support. I needed to be able to talk, to express my grief and to share my feelings. Joining RAISE last year and participating in the monthly 'Go With The Flow' Zoom sessions has been brilliant. Right from the outset I felt a connection to the RAISE Community. I felt nurtured, supported and felt that I could bare my soul and that someone was listening to me. Thank you for providing this space. 🙏 " Hilary, H. (husband in Spirit)


"RAISE is a safe space to explore things and talk about the more spiritual side of life: to help me connect to that side and explore what this might mean and also to hear from others what it does for them. Hannah creates a warm culture and provides poignant pointers to consider, with gentle nudges to prompt explorative enquiry. She is also so open about her journey and empowers you to go on your own." Helen, D. (parents/friends in Spirit: exploring spirituality)


"I’ve loved the reassurance and awareness that a more spiritual outlook brings and knowing that there are other things at play in the Universe that are supporting us and providing signs means I feel more connected to myself. My senses are definitely more acute to recognise when things are aligning and when I need to pay attention and listen to subtle happenings." Teresa, A (wishing for renewed direction in life)

My name is Hannah Velten - sister, spirit rescuer, transformation wayshower, grief guide and Spirit messenger. I've been a writer/author for over 20 years and never in my wildest dreams thought I'd have the other job titles... in fact, I was frightened of anything 'spirit-y'. So, please, if you're feeling nervous, I understand... but, I also know the love and support you find when you gradually (and safely) open yourself to the non-physical world. 

The only reason I embarked on my own "Grief Walk" was because of my brother, Chris - my co-host of RAISE. 

A little background for you: Christian went missing in Mali, Africa, in 2003, when he was 27 years old. He was on a solo expedition following in the footsteps of explorer, Mungo Park and disappeared without a trace, despite numerous searches, and his sudden loss changed everything. It shattered us. But we had hope.

But even hope dissolved as the years went by. It wasn't until 2018 when the truth was eventually revealed. 

By that time, I was spiritually, emotionally, and physically strong enough to learn that he'd been drugged and drowned. Chris, in his spirit form, was the one to tell me, and show me, what had happened to him. 

I always knew that I would find my brother, but I didn't know when or how it would happen. Nor that I would find him in Spirit, rather than in the physical. But... our relationship is stronger than ever. 

Loss is most definitely an illusion. 

Chris has now fully released from his Earth-boundness as we’ve worked on a physical, emotional and energetic level to allow for wholeness, completion, harmony and full healing.

In November 2018, Christian and I made a pact: we would work together to heal and transform grief in the world. Little did I know that this would be both in the physical and spirit world. Following COVID lockdowns, there seems to have been a surge in stuck spirits trying to make contact and RAISE can step into the vacuum to provide comfort, inspiration and community. There are millions of ‘stuck souls’ waiting for support to ascend from their Earthly chains. Perhaps you are one of the (potential) ’Spirit Releasers’ who can help them, or if you are already doing this work perhaps you’d like a community to support you.

RAISE has taken over two year's of hard work to create. Chris and I will share our story with you: the truths and lessons we've learned, how unconditional love can be used to release and heal and our 8-Step ‘RAISE Pathway’ to becoming a rescue medium.

We, as siblings, answered the call from Spirit to step into our destiny lives. Chris was called to his solo African expedition: I was called to find him. By walking ahead, into the unknown, Chris' disappearance has ultimately led to us sharing the possibility of healing/rising after death.

Brother and sister. Side by side. A bond unbroken by death.

Our role as hosts:

Chris and I will be creating magic* and miracles** within RAISE. Through our sharing, you'll see that spirit rescue work is both fulfilling, joyful and contributing to the overall raising of the collective vibration.

I received this message from Spirit in early April 2020: 

"It's time for new beginnings and a removal of out-dated and emotionally-draining grief beliefs. These beliefs are so deeply engrained - thoughts of loss, abandonment and fear of the unknown and the unseen - that it's very hard for souls who have passed into the 'real' world to connect with their loved ones. This causes a sadness for those on Earth (for sure) but also for those at Home. They know why you cannot see, hear, feel them - because of the grief and fears of what might happen if they open themselves to the possibility of connecting with the 'afterlife'. They may have heard of the incredible healing available to them if they were just to surrender, open and notice... but they are more scared of what others might think - and that is the greatest prison to be in. So what if your family don't believe in an afterlife? They may think you are mad to believe you can still connect to your loved one in 'Heaven', but who will be the one at peace when all the love, understanding, truths and forgiveness can flow freely between the realms? 

If you are feeling called - by signs, by whispers, by objects being found (you will know what we mean if you are a recipient) and by bodily feelings - it's time to reach out to us. 

Don't know how? 

Don't know who you can trust to show you? 

Well, look no further because we are working with Hannah [and Christian] within RAISE to give you all the missing things you need to re-connect... 

ENDS x 💙"

Chris and I (and our core RAISE team) will act as the lighthouse - helping to inspire you, empower you and support you, as you move towards your destiny work: we'll be there to hold your hand until you find your own inner strength, gifts and resilience

We're here to honestly and openly tell you our story. There is no point is hiding anything. I spent far too many years denying grief and searching externally for Chris and the truth, while all the love, clarity and stamina I needed to find my brother, and full healing, were within me. 

We don't want anyone - in either realm - to have unresolved fear festering when it's totally possible, and essential, to set yourself free. 

RAISE is free to join, with access to: 

  • Community RAISE posts
  • a chance to 'RAISE Your Voice' (tell your story) in conversation with Hannah
  • a weekly 30 mins livestream - come and interact with us - Wednesdays at 4pm (UK time).

If you would like to explore our paid offerings, you can then deep-dive with Hannah, Chris and the RAISE ‘rebirthing’ team, in a series of pre-recorded workshops/meditations, an intensive training course or our monthly membership

Our aim is to provide you with a safe space so you can: 

  • connect with Spirit, 
  • explore your abilities and purpose, 
  • flourish as you practice rescuing spirits  
  • disperse your light and knowledge to support others.

Your support (financially) allows our core RAISE team to help stuck spirits who connect in with us directly - this is our pro bono work.

It's up to you how far you travel with us, and at what speed. It's best to think of the pathway to becoming a rescue medium as a long-term process which requires patience and trust, flowing as life unfolds for you.

* Magic relies on attention and intention. **Miracles occur with a change in thinking.

Your role as members:

Everyone is welcome into RAISE - whether you are at the curiosity stage, or a seasoned rescue medium. It’s enough that you've heard Spirit calling and that you've listened and come to investigate RAISE.

There is no need for equipment, but a journal would be good to record your journey with us.

RAISE is not a magic wand to suddenly bring you ‘online’ and support stuck spirits - but with commitment and the willingness to listen and to surrender to love, this is certainly possible.

When something good happens to you, while you're part of RAISE, we'd love you to share this goodness with others by inviting them to join us. This is why we're creating this community. The love between Chris and myself produced the most incredible transformation and we'd love you to experience similar, and disperse the power of love onwards and outwards. This is the only way to affect a global change: sharing stuck spirit’s stories, educating about the afterlife and bringing more spirit releasers ‘online’.

This is the ultimate goal of RAISE: Unconditional love for yourself, and for those in spirit, bringing all the magic and miracles you need to rise out of fear and launch into the life you came here to lead. Chris and I didn't go through all those years of trauma, grief and confusion for anything less. 

What can you expect as members?

Within the free main RAISE community, we will post several times a week (when we're not busy creating elsewhere). Content will vary but it might be a thought-provoking message, an idea, a question or poll, a new perspective, a tip, a recommendation, a Spirit message.... the options really are endless. 

You will be able to comment and share your thoughts, tell your stories, say what's worked for you, say what's not worked for you. You can ask us questions. You can connect with other members in your area, or across the globe. You can invite family members, friends or colleagues to also join RAISE. 

At all times, you will be loved, respected and part of this community. And, as such, your voice will be heard.

We can't guarantee this, but it's also perfectly reasonable to expect that those in the non-physical world will try to connect during live events. Please don't join the community expecting this to happen specifically for you, though. 

We want to empower YOU to have your own safe, 2-way communication channel.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of consultancy work with Hannah, book her to speak at your event, buy a paperback copy of Lost & Found: The 8-Pointed Pathway to Healing and Growth After Loss or view the films of Hannah and Chris retracing his final few weeks in Africa, please see Hannah's website for details.

What next?

So, let us support you as you begin your journey into releasing stuck spirits. Join us now.

Hannah and Chris


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And please remember to download the app once you're in RAISE, so you can keep up with us on your mobile phone. 

Contact Us:

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